India Travel Tips

India is a lot to take on. Guidebooks and websites tell you where to go but omit the most important part:

How to CONFIDENTLY manage your day-to-day

SnapShot India, an ebook primer on India, is carefully crafted in 30 pages to help you manage your trip to India with no wasted time.

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Written by Tina P. Shah, an Indian-American entrepreneur who motorcycled India. Find out what's inside!

"India is an amazing, but sometimes overwhelming country. I wished I had read Tina's guide before my first trip to India, it could have avoided quite a few embarrassing situations... having read it makes me want to go back right away!"

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Answers to your most pressing questions.

Whether you are going to India for a yoga retreat or a backpacking adventure, SnapShot has you covered!

...understand the society around you...

Tina, one of our India travel tips experts

A tech entrepreneur and former McKinsey consultant, Tina wrote the book she wished she had upon her arrival.

Inspiration came as she rode a Royal Enfield Bullet 350 from South India to Mumbai.

Tina crossed major cities, villages, mountains, and a jungle to deliver this snapshot.

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"I live and breathe yoga. India is the birthplace of yoga. This guide gave me a better understanding of how India works. Future yoga retreats in India feel less daunting!"

~ Kara Pendl, Co-Founder The Yoga Recipe